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Azure & Windows Nano Server with Docker; Hybrid is possible. Dan Stolts

Containers, the next wave of virtualization, are changing everything! Add it to an ultra-small and supper efficient OS like Nano and you have an incredible platform. Now with Docker running on Windows and Docker Containers built into both Azure and Windows Server, containers are poised to take over the virtualization landscape. Come to the session to learn all about containers running on Nano and how you can put these technologies to use in your organization. We will look at both on-premises (Hyper-V) and Azure as well as the two working together. You will learn about the portability and walk away with PowerShell examples of working with Nano in a Hybrid environment.

Become the Master of Disaster… (by using Azure Site Recovery). Peter De Tender

In this session, learn from Peter De Tender, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect / Microsoft Certified Trainer / Azure MVP (2013-2015) and passionate speaker, what it takes to architect and deploy a rock-solid disaster recovery solution for your application servers, using Azure Site Recovery (ASR). Whether these servers are running on-premises as physical servers, Hyper-V VMs or in Amazon AWS. This demo-packed session walks you through the architecture, deployment, troubleshooting and best practices sides of Azure Site Recovery. And common in Peter’s presentations, he will share his deep-technical knowledge in a passionate and fun way.

Objective #1: – Become familiar with the architectural side of building an Azure Site Recovery solution and where it fits in your IT Infrastructure. Learn how current typical disaster recovery solutions are a thing of the past, because they are too complex to deploy, too complex to manage, too expensive.

Objective #2: – Experience the deployment of ASR to replicate from Hyper-V VMs and Amazon AWS VMs, see a failover in action and monitor the full process. By building a custom protection plan, you will also see a failback in action once the primary site is back up and running.

Securing your infrastructure with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Prabhat Nigam

Today, we can see so many hacks and spam attacks happening. It becomes a necessity to secure your infrastructure with multiple-factor authentications (MFAs). Microsoft Azure MFA is also capable of securing your infrastructure (private or cloud). Azure MFA can protect every application in a mix of web access proxy, RDWeb, ADFS and Azure MFA. This session will share the details how can everyone protect their cloud infrastructure using these technologies.

Hybrid at its best: An introduction to Microsoft Azure Stack Kurt Jung

There was a datacenter, than there was Microsoft Azure. Now Microsoft wants you to run Azure in your datacenter! In just a few short months Microsoft Azure Stack will be ready for datacenters around the world. Join me in this session to take a first look at the details of what Azure Stack has to offer. You will also get to see Azure Stack TP3 demos that explore important use cases.

Serverless compute primer – Azure Functions and what they mean Tome Tanasovski

First there were physical servers, then the servers disappeared for virtual servers, then the virtual servers disappeared into containers, and today we’re getting rid of those in favor of running a single function with input and optional output beyond the clouds in the aether. What? If you are scratching your head, don’t worry, you are not alone. During this session, we’ll look at the evolution of compute and talk about what Azure Functions/AWS Lambda mean to both the developer, those worrying about infrastructure, and those that are stuck supporting the apps that are developed in a serverless mode. By the end of the session, you’ll understand the promises that are being made and the challenges that this new paradigm introduces.

Azure & Windows Nano Server with Docker; Hybrid is possible (Part 2): Making It Real with PowerShell Deep Dive Dan Stolts

Part 2 extends on the knowledge of part 1 but we get to see how it all works. We will show the complete setup and running code to see the magic through demo. In this session we will walk-through the code examples and run them. Upon completing this session you will have confidence in setting up your environment and running the scripts provided. This is a PowerShell heavy session. Dan will show us the code to create a Nano Server deployment. Deploy Nano Server, install and create containers on Nano. Remotely manage a Nano server and finally, migrate a VM from Hyper-V to Azure. All while reviewing and explaining the code; while time permits.

Azure Networking. Kurt Jung

You know datacenter management, you know networking, and then comes Microsoft Azure. A lot of your understanding about how to manage networking requires recalibration when managing IaaS services in Microsoft Azure. Join us in this session as we discuss the networking components of Azure, how to configure, manage and troubleshoot issues with hands-on demo of some of the latest tools.


Speaker Bio


SPrabhat Nigam

Prabhat Nigam

Prabhat is 3 times Microsoft MVP Award winner. He is MBA in Information Technology and he is working as a Microsoft Architect where he helps in designing, implementing, managing and supporting solutions for private messaging cloud, mergers, collaboration between different messaging software and other
migration & deployment projects for the following technologies Office 365, Azure, AWS, Exchange, SQL, ADFS, MFA, FIM, MIM and Directory services. He has worked for all big IT giants either as an employee or contractor where he has led the Global teams. He has started his career as Technical Consultant in Exchange 5.5 with Microsoft PSS and his exchange love never stopped & continued with 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/O365. At one point in time, he was the only person to support EDS customers when Microsoft had closed all the supports for 5.5 and now for all old legacy Exchange versions.
He blogs at, manages multiple LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. He also Owns MSExchnageGuru YouTube channel where he uploads all his records technical sessions. Don’t forget to check his PowerShell scripts which are making admins life easier. Prabhat can be reached at


Dan Stolts

Dan Stolts

Dan Stolts “ITProGuru” is a technology expert who is a master of systems management and security. He is Chief Technology Strategist for Microsoft, owns several businesses and is a published author. Reach him on his primary blog or twitter @ITProGuru. He is proficient in many datacenter technologies (Windows Server, System Center, Virtualization, Cloud, Etc) and holds many certifications including MCT, MCITP, MCSE, TS, etc. Dan is currently specializing in system management, virtualization and cloud technologies. Dan is and has been a very active member of the user group community. Dan is an enthusiastic advocate of technology and is passionate about helping others. See more at:


Peter De Tender

Peter De Tender is a Microsoft Infrastructure Expert, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Microsoft MVP (2013-2015), technical writer and passionate speaker. Starting his IT career in 1996, Peter has never looked back from Microsoft server technologies. At present, he’s an expert on Azure Infrastructure Services and overall Azure Platform architecture, coaching Microsoft Partners all over the world in doing more Azure business by providing training, readiness workshops and architect consulting on Azure and broader Microsoft cloud technologies.
Peter authored numerous Azure-related whitepapers and courses for Opsgility ( and Packt Publishing ( ), and has recently published Learning Operations Management Suite with Apress ( in November 2016.


Kurt Jung

Kurt Jung

Kurt Jung is a Senior Research Analyst at KEMP Technologies. He is part of the Strategic Alliance team at KEMP and acts as the technical lead on many of the partner driven opportunities. Prior to KEMP, Kurt has spent most of his career working as a consultant helping customers deploy on-premises, cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios to support their business. His focus in the past has been around messaging and collaboration but these days it is all about Azure and Azure Stack.

Kurt Jung started his IT journey back in 2000. In the early days of his career his primary focus was around messaging, more specifically Exchange. He spent much of his time as a consultant helping customers migrate and manage their messaging environments. This soon expanded into the world of LCS/OCS/Lync and enterprise voice. Eventually all of this transformed into assisting customers into the cloud and hybrid cloud solutions including Office 365. Today he is all about Azure and Azure Stack working at an ISV focused on Application Delivery and High Availability of solutions in the cloud. Kurt is a member and speaks regularly at the Philadelphia Unified Communications Users Group.


Tome Tanasovski

Tome Tanasovski

Tome is an executive for a market-leading global financial services firm in New York City where he focuses on automation, private cloud, and distributed computing. He is the founder and leader of the New York City PowerShell User group, a blogger, and speaks regularly at conferences and user groups. In 2011 he became a cofounder of the NYC Techstravaganza, coauthored the Windows PowerShell Bible, and received the title of Honorary Scripting Guy from the Hey Scripting Guy! blog. Tome has also received the MVP award from Microsoft for the last seven years in Windows PowerShell.

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